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I spin each morning from dream silk
allow soft light to pour in a torrent
from my ears out into the aether.

Lost chorus ripples from unseen branches.
I am anointed. This is how I drift
without touching the dew damp ground,

absolution in waves over my skin.

Over on Instagram, the very wonderful Open Collab are running remixes where you add your own words over their music. I smashed two poems together and came up with this. Go here to watch me read it with music.1

They are also setting a poem I wrote with Cat Balaq to music as part of their birthday celebration this weekend (April 24th). Thanks so much to them for chosing it! It’s an absolute delight to see them transform my work and create something new out of my words. It will be live streamed here.

  1. It took me ages to figure out how to do it. New fangled technology eh? 



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