A Breath

27 Jan 2021 Category: erasure poetry

Taken from DIY Magazine October 2020

Echoes and edges completely transformed my poem Circulation on their live stream at the weekend. Check it out below, my poem is at 1 hour 26 minutes.


Red Ink: Pascal Vine

22 Jan 2021 Category: red ink

This a series where I interview poets about their process and writing in reference to a single poem. Today we have Pascal Vine, an excellent poet, a captivating performer and part of the team over at Bristol Tonic. He is discussing a poem he has performed for years.

Pride flags at dawn

You don’t want their god;
A god for the gently used,
The Pre-loved, still in packaging,
one channel, tv static god,
cosmic interference
but won’t put a good word in god.

A god who won’t hold your hand in...


In bloom

21 Jan 2021 Category: erasure poetry

I cannot look away from the whorl of galaxies
tucked into each curled petal, the supermassive
black hole that sits on top of a stamen, dragging
all light and time towards it. In the pint glass
sepals shimmer with the burning of millions of dead
stars, buds flicker with a pulse of decaying planck
seconds, the superpositions of many possible worlds
blur each leaf and thorn and somewhere in each bloom
I am meeting you for the...



15 Jan 2021 Category: erasure poetry

Taken from DIY magazine, October 2020.


Skeleton Trees

13 Jan 2021 Category: photos

Winter erases the land with a shaky hand. For a few months, we roam in the smudges, wondering where the detail went.



11 Jan 2021 Category: erasure poetry

Taken from DIY magazine, December 2020.

I have a whole zodiac of new erasures over at Welcome to Bear Creek. It’s a dark new lit mag based around a strange town. There’s so many cool writers and artists involved, go check it out.


2020: A Playlist

08 Jan 2021 Category: year in review

I’m going to be featured in an upcoming anthology from Fevers of the Mind. The editor, David L O’Nan, asked for suggestions for a playlist of the music of 2020 whilst he was compiling it. So although last year is receding fast1 , here are some songs that I enjoyed.

1. The Mountain Goats- Amy Aka Spent Gladiator 1

I mean, does it need further explanation? I got into this band in a big way this year and would find myself singing this chorus at inopportune times.

2. Low- Spanish Translation

Double Negative was...


Call it what it is

07 Jan 2021 Category: politics

Due to the sickening events of yesterday in the USA, I found myself thinking back to when I was studying Weimar Germany in A level history. My main question at the time was ‘Did no one realise what was happening?’ The answer is of course people did, but it was ignored by the leaders. By the time any action was taken it was too late.

The violent attempt to suppress democracy yesterday is the culmination of years of slow creep, a radicalisation in America built around a cult of personality. Fascism, pure and simple. An attempt at a coup to...



04 Jan 2021 Category: erasure poetry

Taken from DIY magazine, December 2020.


So Long 2020

01 Jan 2021 Category: year in review

Usually at the end of the year I write a little summary of what happened in the world at large. (2016, 2017, 2018, 2019.) This year I really struggled. How do you summarise what has happened this year, other than a absence? It’s been terrible in so many ways. The pandemic has turned everything on it’s head and thousands of people have died unnecessarily through our government’s inaction. Let alone all the other problems that this virus has highlighted as deep rifts within our society.

Personally, I’ve been anxious a lot of the year. I feel...


Auld Lang Syne

31 Dec 2020 Category: this was meant to be the future

We were meant to be children of the stars now, Richard thought to himself as he buttoned up his coat. Humans were meant to have escaped this lonely planet and headed out into the void. We were meant to be interplanetary trans dimensional demi-gods by now. Or so the stories and films promised us. Instead, we are all trapped on this dark planet, watching the chaos get worse. Every day, another headline about a corrupt politician or science gone wrong or children roaming the streets causing violence and destruction. It was getting worse by the day.

Richard left his tiny...



17 Dec 2020 Category: erasure poetry

Taken from The Guardian letters page.


Red Ink: Damien Donnelly

16 Dec 2020 Category: red ink

This a series where I interview poets about their process and writing in reference to a single poem. Today we have Damien Donnelly, who kindly invited me onto his podcast Eat the Storms in November. Listen to that here. Today we reflect on the writing process of his Pushcart nominated poem, Tattered Brown Trousers.

Tattered Brown Trousers

Father ate all the flowers
in the back garden
because he couldn’t swallow
the promise of happiness
blooming within the home
he couldn’t find his root within.

Father left all...


Winter Woods

14 Dec 2020 Category: photos



04 Dec 2020 Category: poetry

We are unified euphoria,
one organism joined together,
twitching, harmonising, swaying.

We dance with the same body.
Our heart it beats as one.

We combine to exalt the music,
exalt the beat and exalt the bass,
exalt our limbs, our skin, our sweat.

We dance with the same body.
Our heart it beats as one.

then my stomach lunges
like a rabid dog
and I remember.

We dance with the same body.

and I try to push my way out
but flesh becomes a wall
and I am...