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No Neutral Stories

21 Jun 2021 Category: politics

There’s a certain section of the population who tend to get furious when a tv show or film casts anyone but straight white dudes. These people tend to be right wing straight white dudes who twist themselves into knots to argue any casting that diverges from their demographic is political. Or some such nonsense. It happened with the Ghost Busters remake in 2016, so much so that one of it’s main stars, Leslie Jones, was bullied off Twitter. It has only really got worse since then.

Most recently, it has surfaced with the cast of The Sandman TV series, which...


Beautiful Entropy

15 Jun 2021 Category: erasure poetry


nothing stays still for long a blissful slow unravelling
nothing stays still for long a blissful slow unravelling
nothing stays a blissful unravelling
nothing stays blissful
corrupted image

Taken from the reviews page of Crack Magazine, May 2021. Video made with Glitch Lab app and ezgif.com



Shaped by Ghosts

07 Jun 2021 Category: erasure poetry

erasure poem: phantasmagorias reimagine the lanscapes dissonance meets us at home -- and it sounds magnificent

Taken from the reviews page of Crack Magazine, May 2021.

Fevers of the Mind have featured two of my poems. Find them here. Thanks so much to the editor, David L O’Nan.


Thanks, Autocorrect

04 Jun 2021 Category: poetry

This was written in a slow single waltz
before the next one

This morning I feel like a strange conversation
with the discomfort of my head
and the contact of your language is a way to make sure
This morning is the first time I’ve been maintaining the water
finally and the seed is going to go with your advice
This morning I have a refund for my part time job in London
and I have been told that the rhythm of your language is a better man than I

These days are...


The early bird catches the worm

02 Jun 2021 Category: poetry

CW: Very brief allusion to suicidal thoughts

The early bird catches the worm
from a chain coffee shop, is rude
and dismissive to the barista,
pecks down the wriggling body
and a double espresso before
zipping off to a day of meetings
and spreadsheets. The early bird
meets all their deadlines, demands
100 percent attendance at every meeting
they organise, no excuses, blocks off
time in a colour-coded, neat, hand-drawn
calendar that they make every Sunday
night in preparation for the week ahead.

If colleagues were...


The Power of Interlinking

25 May 2021 Category: writing

In a recent post, Austin Kleon writes about how other writers sort through their work:

I am fascinated by the notebook and filing systems of other writers. In my experience, it’s very easy to write every day and get ideas down, but it’s not so easy to keep track of it all.

-- Indexing, filing systems, and the art of finding what you have

I’ve encountered this a little bit before. I love notebooks, but struggle to extract anything useful from them once they are done. They pile up under my desk and I...


Red Ink: Stuart Buck

19 May 2021 Category: red ink

This is a series where I interview poets about their process in regards to a single poem. Today we have the exceptional Stuart Buck, a brilliant poet, illustrator and editor of the very strange and wonderful Bear Creek Gazette. Here is a poem from his new collection, Blue the Green Sky


its nine thirty and i am at school and
we are outside on a warm day and
its the first time i appreciate the
shorts they make us wear because
my legs are warm and my...


Never Finishing

17 May 2021 Category: writing

I enjoyed Cory Doctorow writing about the lessons he has learned over twenty years of blogging. He describes how quickly the writing practise adds up and how useful it is as an external memory:

These repeated acts of public description adds each idea to a supersaturated, subconscious solution of fragmentary elements that have the potential to become something bigger. Every now and again, a few of these fragments will stick to each other and nucleate, crystallizing a substantial, synthetic analysis out of all of those bits and pieces I’ve salted into that solution of potential sources of inspiration.



Dream Days

12 May 2021 Category: erasure poetry

erasure poem: trapped in fantasy. Days passed, rumbling in fragments

Taken from an old New Yorker.


Do we get political now?

07 May 2021 Category: poetry

you ask me, sitting on the smashed roof tiles
and concrete slabs that used to be our home.
We are drinking rainwater and petrol
from a puddle, drying our t-shirts
on the newly exposed wire foundations.
We watch the sky flash orange and violet,
feel the rumbles deep inside our ribcages.

‘No’, I reply, ‘we shouldn’t get involved.
Besides, we’ve got too much cleaning up to do.’
as I gesture at all the debris
and try to disregard the endless rise
and fall of the...



30 Apr 2021 Category: poetry

This was written in an Apples and Snakes Red Sky Sessions. It started as a response to a poem by Hannah Silva. We then composed by voice, speaking into our phones. I got stuck on the found text aspect of Hannah’s work and ended up repeating loads of politician’s phrases. We then turned it into a poem, so I went to the other extreme and turned it into this.

The Red Sky sessions have been so valuable, so in depth and fantastic to spark off ideas. I have a lot of new directions to...



29 Apr 2021 Category: erasure poetry

Taken from an Independent from the start of this year.



26 Apr 2021 Category: poetry

we teach the AI how              we scream
feed it all our voices           alone
release all our agony            our grief
our childhood trauma             buried fears
our compressed nightmares        absorbed
into passive microphones         into the night

it runs iterations so fast       it echoes back
Our grunts our exhalations       distorted
an angelic choir united          strange harmony

Written during a Red Sky Session with Apples and Snakes, this was a response to a music loop by Bellatix.


Red Ink: Elizabeth McGeown

22 Apr 2021 Category: red ink

This is a series where I interview poets about their process in regards to a single poem. Today we have the fantastic Elizabeth McGeown, who I have been lucky enough to meet at various poetry nights over zoom in the last year.


On telling a friend I am writing to an insect theme
and finding out months later she has assumed I meant maggots

But Maggots do not cross my mind at all:
the plump rot-seeking them of single mind.
Fat little white and wriggling shits with gall,
but Maggots do not...


Journal entry

21 Apr 2021 Category: erasure poetry

Taken from an old New Yorker

I used a number of images from unsplash for this one from All Bong, Sean Pollock, Daniel Chen and Matthew Henry.