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20 Jan 2020 Category: this was meant to be the future

Just before the door swung open, Amber was certain she could hear voices. When she walked into the small office, they had lapsed into silence. It had sounded like Tom. Great. He was meant to be the only friendly one. He sat at his desk, pretending to concentrate on work, music on as usual. Derek and Robyn ignored her as well. All three of them wore headphones, lost in their own world. Amber shuffled over to her desk, clutching her cup of tea, trying to ignore the tension in the room and failing. She wasn’t paranoid any more, she was...


January sunset

18 Jan 2020 Category: photos


Early Swim

18 Jan 2020 Category: erasure poetry


New serial book announcement- This Was Meant to be the Future

16 Jan 2020 Category: this was meant to be the future

Blimey, it's the year Twenty Twenty, a year that sounds incredibly futuristic. We're past the setting of Blade Runner. The world is different and weirder in ways we couldn't imagine before.

With that in mind, I’m announcing my next book of short stories, called This Was Meant to be the Future. I’ve been working on these stories for the last couple of years and it feels an appropriate time to release them.



12 Jan 2020 Category: erasure poetry

Taken from the review pages of Bristol In Stereo January 2019


Bedminster Lantern Parade

11 Jan 2020 Category: photos

It’s my 200th post on this here website! Hurrah!

Here’s some pictures of the Bedminster Lantern Parade, which was joyful.


2019: books of the year

08 Jan 2020 Category: year in review

In 2019, I read 66 books, but a lot were poetry chapbooks or graphic novels. You can see most of the list on my GoodReads page if you want.

Heres some of my personal highlights:


Probably because of everything in the world right now, I read a lot of books about escaping into strange dreamlike worlds. I sped through the Annihilation trilogy by Jeff Vandeermeer and Roadsise Picnic by Arkady and Boris Strugatsky, both of which share a common DNA. They feel less like science fiction and more like moving into a weird world where the...


2019: year of contradictions

07 Jan 2020 Category: year in review

I’m late to the party with my year wrap up. It’s already the roaring twenties. 1 But I still think it is worth looking at where we have been so we can look to the future.

In many ways, the last year of the decade was a contradictory one. There seemed to be such hope in the air with the protests against injsutice and climate emergencies, yet people routinely voted for selfish, narrowminded parties. Brexit seemed a hopeless prospect and yet people were determined to push it through. There was so much joy and within the same...


We're here

31 Dec 2019 Category: podcasts

John Green’s podcast The Anthropocence Reviewed has been a consistent highlight this year, but the latest episode on Auld Lang Syne is particularly moving. The reworking of the song and reclamation of it is joyous.

It made me think about why we celebrate New Year. The answer John Green gives is an elegant one; because we are all still here. Another journey around the sun, another year passing into history.

Hold each other tight and revel in each other’s company. No matter what happens, we have these moments of joy and closeness. We have each other for a little...


Merry Christmas Everyone

25 Dec 2019 Category: photos


A walk in the woods

21 Dec 2019 Category: photos


Tis the Season

20 Dec 2019 Category: poetry

Come sip the festive juice.
It tastes of cinnamon, cloves,
something strange you can’t discern.
Join us in the circle as we chant,
Tis the Season, Tis the Season

Feel your head expand and contract,
like a blinking light on a tree.
Watch as the world is delayed
by half a second, maybe more.
Tis the Season, Tis the Season

Hear the chant continue like
a runaway train, your mouth moving
without thought, unstoppable now.
Try to clench your jaw shut. Fail.
Tis the Season, Tis the Season



Two poems of hope

14 Dec 2019 Category: publications

Both taken from my debut chapbook Our Voices in the Chaos.


Brace brace brace

13 Dec 2019 Category: poetry

-and the clouds gather above your head, darker than you thought possible, bringing sudden night and you are now aware this field is too exposed and how you stick out like an antenna over the-

-and the airhostesses are telling passengers to sit down and adopt the position, hands behind the neck, back bent forward and they are trying to remain professional but two of them have tears running down their faces even as they try to-

-and they are gathering in the streets, emboldened by political events you only have the dimmest understanding of, some new leader maybe, and...


Inside my commonplace book

10 Dec 2019 Category: creativity

Recently on Twitter, I replied to this tweet about keeping a private anthology.

I got into a discussion about my commonplace book and why I keep one. I thought I’d follow that up with a larger discussion of why I find it useful and some examples from the book.

A commonplace book is an old tradition, with bits of knowledge stacked on top of each other. Ryan Holiday has a great explanation if you want to know further. I use it to note down quotes, photos I like and poems that speak to me.