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20 Aug 2020 Category: this was meant to be the future

The opening shot is a still lake, first thing in the morning. The sun has just started to beam down on the water. It is a mirror, reflecting the perfect blue sky. There’s no clouds. Not here. The lake is surrounded by pine trees, all pristine as if they have been copy and pasted. There’s a pier that juts out from the bottom of the frame into the lake, with a small row boat tied to it. The boat has a cloth tarpaulin over it and oars sticking out. A couple of boards are missing on the pier. Paint on...


What we are made of

12 Aug 2020 Category: erasure poetry

Taken from Crack magazine, February 2020.



10 Aug 2020 Category: poetry

Drunk dancers stumbling over earth,
we expect to leave no trace behind.

After centuries of exponential progress
the sudden fury of suns is released.

Afterwards, on bricks still standing
we are etched silhouettes embracing.

Our outlines entwined, two dimensions,
diminished by the judgement of light.

75 years later, we still hear the echoes.



07 Aug 2020 Category: erasure poetry

Taken from Dork magazine, April 2019.


Growing summer

05 Aug 2020 Category: photos

Throughout the lockdown, our allotment has been a place to escape to, a little patch of ground we can control and shape. Now our hard work has paid off. Each time we visit there are more vegetables and fruit to harvest, more new growth, more life exploding everywhere.


Half Awake

30 Jul 2020 Category: erasure poetry

Taken from Bristol In Stereo magazine, May 2019.



27 Jul 2020 Category: erasure poetry

Taken from Bristol In Stereo magazine, May 2019.


Silicone Song

24 Jul 2020 Category: erasure poetry

Taken from a conversation with Holly Herndon in Bristol In Stereo magazine, May 2019. Which means I can link to this excellent song- her album is some of the most thrilling music I have listened to in the last few months.

I’m also really honoured to have a poem in the latest issue of Marble Poetry. Check it out here.


Into the Night

23 Jul 2020 Category: this was meant to be the future

There was no sun. The news was full of theories about what had happened but there were no facts, just wild speculation. The government told people not to panic but most of the cabinet had gone missing, so that didn’t help. All we were left with was the thick, dark void that hung above our heads, offering more questions than answers.

The moon and stars had vanished as well, but it was the hideous absence of a benevolent star that panicked people the most.


Recent Poetry Books I've Enjoyed

16 Jul 2020 Category: book review

I’ve had lots of time to read poetry books, so here are a few I have enjoyed recently that I would recommend:

Thalassic - Malaika Kegode

These are poems that feel necessary for this current moment in time as so many of us rebuild our selves and our society. The sequence is a healing one, moving from grief and despair to hope as the narrator reconstructs herself. But it’s not an immediate, straightforward healing, it’s a gradual piecing together of a new self from disparate fragments:

every part of you that’s rotten
every part of you...



15 Jul 2020 Category: erasure poetry

Taken from listings for The Lanes in Bristol: In Stereo magazine, May 2020


Off the Grid

13 Jul 2020 Category: poetry

When the earth was correcting
our cabled bodies were sprawled
irreparable, most sensory inputs
disconnected, transmissions down,
smashed by careless hands wielding
boulders. When networks were down,
when communities were rewiring
like dust scattered in sunbeams,
We stayed immobile in deserts,
newly separate and confused
listening to automated number
stations, comfort in the night.

Looking through my drafts recently, I realised this one was never posted. Pascal Vine was asking for prompts a while back, so I gave them the prompt “All we listened to was...



09 Jul 2020 Category: poetry

CW: Body harm

Drowned in newspaper and glue,
I have forgotten my real face.

I have been here before, I know.
Not just this town square, but this
same moment, repeated endlessly.
Versions of myself concatenate.
Routes taken become smudges
around the square. Termina
is quiet today. Everyone bracing.

I’m too late, the sky too close.
I almost fall into the orbit
of that hideous moon. I can see
each tooth, each blood vessel
popping from yellow eyes. My time
is squandered again. I stand firm



08 Jul 2020 Category: poetry

Do you remember the first time
you saw those mountains? How they
towered above you? Do you remember
your unbounded freedom, how paths
lay before you, infinite in choice,
how the sun spun above you and grass
regrew at your feet? How you would play
your strange instrument to bring forth
new light upon the surface of Hyrule?

Now, you have become an adult, changing
within seconds, your childhood abandoned.
You do not remember when you grew so tall,
when the clouds gathered, the sky darkened,
when these...



06 Jul 2020 Category: poetry

Don’t climb up those ancient stone steps
carved into the slope of our tallest mountain
up to that egg that sits on the summit,
the size of a temple. You don’t need
to draw those eight strange instruments
or watch them hover in the air before you
to play a melody you always knew, no
hands strumming strings, no breath over
the reeds. You could simply stay here.

Isn’t it better to remain safe within
the dreaming, even if it is not your own?
Don’t you want to leave the...