03 Mar 2021

At the end of this month there was a burst of sunshine and the daffodils we buried in November erupted in their pots. This sudden explosion of sun and colour always reminds me of this E. E. Cummings poem and this one by Jack Underwood.1

  1. Poets love Spring. 


25 Feb 2021

Some advice I hear repeated often is to write every single day. Like all advice, it’s a bit more complicated than it sounds. I think it is generally a good thing to get into a creative practice and is certainly something I have advocated for in previous posts. But every single day can be difficult.


05 Feb 2021

We’ve done everything we possibly can
they proclaim on nightly broadcasts,
shaking their fists for emphasis as if
describing ineffective ancient magic
runes in the air, as globs of engine oil
dribble down their chins, distracting
from the soft focus, where shadows
tear copper wire from the concrete.


03 Feb 2021

This is a series where I interview poets about their process in regards to a single poem. Today I am honoured to have the fantastic Liam Bates, whose pamphlet Working Animals was one of my highlights of last year. Today he’s discussing a poem that was first published in Anthropocene on 20th December.


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