22 Jan 2021

This a series where I interview poets about their process and writing in reference to a single poem. Today we have Pascal Vine, an excellent poet, a captivating performer and part of the team over at Bristol Tonic. He is discussing a poem he has performed for years.


21 Jan 2021

I cannot look away from the whorl of galaxies
tucked into each curled petal, the supermassive
black hole that sits on top of a stamen, dragging
all light and time towards it. In the pint glass
sepals shimmer with the burning of millions of dead
stars, buds flicker with a pulse of decaying planck
seconds, the superpositions of many possible worlds
blur each leaf and thorn and somewhere in each bloom
I am meeting you for the...


08 Jan 2021

I’m going to be featured in an upcoming anthology from Fevers of the Mind. The editor, David L O’Nan, asked for suggestions for a playlist of the music of 2020 whilst he was compiling it. So although last year is receding fast1 , here are some songs that I enjoyed.

  1. This past week has felt like a month. 


07 Jan 2021

Due to the sickening events of yesterday in the USA, I found myself thinking back to when I was studying Weimar Germany in A level history. My main question at the time was ‘Did no one realise what was happening?’ The answer is of course people did, but it was ignored by the leaders. By the time any action was taken it was too late.


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