17 Nov 2020

This is the start of a new series where I interview poets about their process and writing in reference to a single poem. I’m delighted to start with Barry Hollow, a fantastic poet and all round great bloke who I met through Bristol Tonic.


13 Nov 2020

I’ve been lucky to get lots of stuff out in various places so this is a collection of links to my words elsewhere on the internets:


09 Nov 2020

this winter will be a distant memory but the cold
will have set into our bones, the marrow deep in our
femurs will have wires of frost running through it.


30 Oct 2020

I’m moving house this month and I released a pamphlet, so it’s all been a bit frantic. Still, here are some things I’ve enjoyed engaging with this month.


21 Oct 2020

‘Welcome to C-Mart. I hope you have a wonderful visit. My name is Cindy. If you need any assistance, you can just call my name and I will do my best to help out.’


16 Oct 2020

This website’s domain is my name, it’s my face on the front and I type the words. It lives to promote my work and is essentially a a massive ego trip. But I saw this tweet the other day:

🌟 A challenge 🌟

Who will start a blog or website and feature a writer a month and also post their own work and photos?

Promote yourself and other writers at the same time. Maybe you’ll start an online mag (start small and keep it manageable) 🖊 💻 #gauntlet thrown down

Black Bough Poetry / Barddoniaeth Y Gangen Ddu...


12 Oct 2020

In an effort to make something positive come out of this year, I have created a small pamphlet of poetry called Refraction. It features ten poems about swimming and the peace I find immersing myself in water. (There is another, secret meaning; trying to find moments of calm in a relentless, chaotic world.)


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