25 Aug 2020

Were you the stranger dressed in electricity
who floated above the tarmac without contact,
who smiled in morse code, smelled of lavender
and engine oil, who spoke in rapid static bursts
which I understood to be secrets never spoken?
Did you splinter my sternum, peer inside to find
distant storms and lightning brewing? Did you fold
yourself into the air and vanish, entering the unseen
creases of reality as easily as catching a bus?
Were your irises burnt into the pavement for days?
Please respond to me if...


20 Aug 2020

The opening shot is a still lake, first thing in the morning. The sun has just started to beam down on the water. It is a mirror, reflecting the perfect blue sky. There’s no clouds. Not here. The lake is surrounded by pine trees, all pristine as if they have been copy and pasted. There’s a pier that juts out from the bottom of the frame into the lake, with a small row boat tied to it. The boat has a cloth tarpaulin over it and oars sticking out. A couple of boards are missing on the pier. Paint on...


10 Aug 2020

Drunk dancers stumbling over earth,
we expect to leave no trace behind.


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