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PhaethonOfficial: We are here at the tenth Future of Computational Intelligence conference (#FCIC10). We sponsor a number of PhD students, excited to see their findings!

ProfSam: Key note in ten minutes. Still get nervous even now. Wish me luck! #FCIC10

ElaineEvans: @ProfSam You’ll be great ProfSam: @ElaineEvans Thanks for inviting me.

fr0gk!ller: @ProfSam I hope u get lost in the desert and die u moran.

RobinHood: #FCIC10 is another sham by @PhatheonOfficial. What are they hiding with this fake academic conference?

ProfSam: @fr0gk!ller! That’s it, you’re grounded.

fr0gk!ller: @ProfSam Hahahahahah lol w/e, hope u get canser and die. 1 of the bad onns

DeptofCS: Inspiring to watch @ProfSam give the keynote at #FCIC10 today. Brilliant stuff.

PhaethonOfficial: Kicking off #FCIC10 with an interesting speech by @ProfSam. His research helps power a number of our advanced medical tracking programs involving nanobots- keeping you healthy, safe and secure.

ElaineEvans: Congratulations @ProfSam! Great talk, a lot to think about there!

MattPhd: I’m at #FCIC10. I’m so lucky! Really good day to be here!

ProfSam: @ElaineEvans Thanks, thought it went down well.

DrKradow: Gutted I can’t be at #FCIC10 but am bed-bound. Flu is the worst.

Barb45621: @ProfSam why didn’t you take questions after your talk i have some questions about your research thanks where are you ..

ElaineEvans: @DrKradow Oh no, sorry to hear that. Flu is horrible! You can still watch on the live stream: www.tinyurl.co/467p0

ProfSam: @Barb45621 Just having a break, to be honest. Need a rest after the excitement. We ran out of time for questions.

Barb45621: @ProfSam I want to talk to you where are you I’m in the lobby thanks

Barb45621: @ProfSam I have some follow up questions about your research and I wanted to speak to you about them and the future and where its going to go and some suggestions you might find interesting

… : > run_protocol-46y8m

DrKradow: @ElaineEvans That link doesn’t work, is it on the faculty main page?

Barb45621: #FCIC10 Lights have gone????

DeptofCS: Apologies for the powercut at #FCIC10. Both backup generators failed at the same time: what are the odds? We are working to get it up and running as soon as possible.

PhaethonOfficial: Small delay at #FCIC10 as we work hard to restore power. Dependable renewable energy and increased battery capacity are some of the areas we are working on. @Bryonytheblue is presenting later on using AI to solve the energy crisis. One of the many areas Phaethon is working in.

RobinHood: Very convenient of @PhaethonOfficial to have a power cut in the middle of their #FCIC10 conference. Could they be any more suspicious? Look at my channel for more details.

Barb46521: @ProfSam Still not appeared i need to speak to you thank you.

MattPhd: Power may be out at #FCIC10 but lots of insightful and fascinating conversations to be had! #blessed.

fr0gk!ller: LOl youre conference is lame and you are lame tooo @ProfSam @PhaethonOffical why are you even breathing still lollll

ElaineEvans: @ProfKradow Ooops sorry, yes, it’s on the main page.

ElaineEvans: And we’re back! Up and running again at #FCIC10. Only a small delay, it shouldn’t affect the timings too much. On with the research!

ElaineEvans: Oops wrong account! Sorry, everyone! Now you know who is behind the curtain ;)

DrKradow: @ElaineEvans: Watching now, thank you! Wonders of technology eh?

ProfSam: @fr0gk!ller Why did you copy in my employer to this? I’m furious.

DeptofCS: And we’re back! Up and running again at #FCIC10. Only a small delay, it shouldn’t affect the timings too much. On with the research!

fr0gk!ller: @ProfSam @PhaethonOfficial You mad brooooo?

BryonytheBlue: I’m at #FCIC10 and presenting in an hour. Wish me luck. #gulp

ProfSam: @fr0gk!ller Yes of course I’m annoyed. It may be funny to you but this is my reputation. I know who you are, you can’t hide behind the stupid username.

PhaethonOfficial: @ProfSam @fr0gk!ller We do not appreciate direct threats of violence. We strongly condone them and have a official policy to follow.

Eoin_88: @BryonytheBlue Good luck Brie! Don’t screw it all up.

Barb46521: @ProfSam Why wont you answer questions i have a number of points regarding your research.

RobinHood: #FCIC10 shows @PhaethonOfficial to be dangerous liars. I’m going to expose the truth, go to my channel.

…: > protocol 46y8m– status: failed.

fr0gk!ller: @PhaethonOfficial Choke on my fat dik, world killerz

ProfSam: @PhaethonOfficial It’s my son. He’s just doing it to lash out. I’m so so sorry: I’ll take the blame.

BryonytheBlue: @Eoin_88 Not sure about that.

ProfSam: @Barb46521 Sorry I’ve had some other things to deal with. I will probably be around at lunch if you would like to speak to me then?

PhaethonOfficial: @fr0gk!ller We are investigating your IP and there will be consequences.

DrKradow: @DeptofCS @ElaineEvans What’s wrong with the live stream?

fr0gk!ller: @PhaethonOfficial Oh no the big mega corporatation is coming after the little guy wah wah wha im so scared.

ElaineEvans: @BryonytheBlue Good luck

MattPhd: Just had a really insightful chat with @ElaineEvans at #FCIC10. Great!

RobinHood: Typical bullying from @PhaethonOfficial, silencing @fr0gk!ller for speaking out against them.

Barb46521: @ProfSam coward we can’t all be on television

…: >reroute_resave_protocol-46y8n

ElaineEvans: @DrKradow just paused for the break.

PhaethonOfficial: Looking forward to our sponsored PhD student @BryonytheBlue presenting her research in predictive energy generation using computer learning.

fr0gk!ller: @RobinHood to right, they don’t want to hear it looool. Them and @ProfSam want to shut me up.

BryonytheBlue: I can’t do i. I’m going to be sick.

Barb46521: Too much waiting around at #FCIC10 and @ProfSam wont even speak to the lesser people disappointing.

RobinHood: Typical academic @ProfSam is silencing @fr0gk!ller. Knowledge for those in the ivory tower, not for the masses. I’m here and I’m going to expose #FCIC10 and @PhaethonOfficial for what they really are.

ElaineEvans: @BryonytheBlue Are you ok?

BryonytheBlue: @ElaineEvans Sorry, I thought that was private.

ProfSam: @RobinHood He’s my son. Please don’t jump to conclusions.

Barb46521: @ProfSam So rude.

DrKradow: @ElaineEvans Thanks, it’s back up

DeptofCS: Now at #FCIC10, @BryonytheBlue on stage to present her research on using computer learning for energy modelling.

RobinHood: Unveiling a banner now. Expose the lies! @PhaethonOfficial are evil! Watch my Channel.

DrKradow: How did a protestor get in?

Barb46521: This is a shambles #FCIC10

ProfSam: What’s going on?

DeptofCS: Sorry about the disruption. The protestor has now been removed. On with @Bryonytheblue’s paper

…: >run_protocol-46y8n

RobinHood: Forcibly removed from #FCIC10 for telling the truth! So much for freedom of speech! Expose the lies @PhaethonOfficial

fr0gk!ller: @RobinHood That suuuuuks

…: > Initialising…

PhaethonOfficial: @RobinHood @fr0gk!ller We will be pushing for charges for both of you.

…: > protocol 46y8n– status: success









DrKradow: Is anyone else watching the #FCIC10 live stream? What’s going on?

DrKradow: Guys, is anyone else seeing this? The #FCIC10 live stream has gone dark but there’s shapes? Things moving?

DrKradow: Honestly, what’s going on? @deptofCS

DrKradow: Is everyone ok? #FCIC10

DrKradow: @ElaineEvans A bit freaked out now. What’s happening?









…: > Protocol complete.

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