July Links: Summer was on a Tuesday this year

03 August 2016, Category: link round up

I’ve been really busy this month with all good things. I went to three music festivals, canoed down the Thames and generally had lots of good times.. But in between playing Pokemon Go, there’s been a few articles and things that are worth reading:

I don’t write every day, as I take the weekends off. Even writing in a journal every week day has been incredibly useful.

“I think that one of the most important things for any artist or writer is that they should always be progressing and trying new things, because that is what will keep your work feeling fresh and lively to your readers even after twenty or thirty years. Yes, it means that you have to work harder, and to think harder, and to generally keep pushing yourself and testing your limits, but in my opinion the results are definitely worth it.”

I need to read more of his short stories, because the ones I have read are really special. He has a essential humanity and kindness to his outlook, and the article above is a good example of that.

That’s it for now. Have a good month!

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