David Ralph Lewis

Poet and Author




Micro poetry pamphlet I made during 2020 about swimming and attempting to find peace in a chaotic world.

Our Voices in the Chaos

Our Voices in the Chaos

A unique combination of blackout poetry and normal poetry, published in September 2019 by Selcouth Station.

Spare Parts

Spare Parts

A collaborative pamphlet combining flash fiction and erasure poetry, created in collaboration with M. Amelia Eikli.

April Fog

Lost in April Fog- FREE

30 poems written for National Poetry Writing Month in 2018. Previously published on my blog.

Remain Vigilant

Remain Vigilant- FREE

Two linked one-act stage plays, dealing with surveillance and paranoia in a government agency.

Amber Stars

Amber Stars: One Night of Stories- Free!

Collection of linked short stories, set over one night in the same small rural town.