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When I landed I felt the weight
of myself rush back into my body
like water through an open dam.
I was thankful for no longer
being a raindrop. I saw the sky
as an ocean we swim through daily.

When I landed I felt the spinning
of the planet under my shaking feet,
a constant treadmill, a dizziness.
I understood it was always this way.

When I landed I felt the breeze
stroke my skin and breathed in
all the blooms of the world.
For a second I heard the voices
of the stratosphere and spoke
in reply with quick exhales.

When I landed those dreams ended.

When I landed I left a part of myself
floating but never falling. I longed
to release myself from gravity again,
to leap and sublimate this limited body,
join the air currents and become diffuse.

Prompt was to “use anaphora” from AmyKayPoetry. I didn’t quite use it correctly as it’s meant to be successive phrases but I liked the end result.



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