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As we tumbled through the void,
everything was calm and peaceful
if you ignored the constant drone
of spycraft. The air was pink
electric and crackled with potential

There was something struggling
within it, something hidden, unseen.

It shimmered in the air, made of
nothing at all, blinking on and off,
a broken sunbeam. It had walked for years,
over burning deserts, stumbling over
broken glass and sharp shingle beaches.
Whispers and noises from other dimensions
combined, a palimpsest of imagined voices.

As I surrendered, my head filled with static.
I forget the boundaries between us. We
became one living pulsing mass that screamed
and stamped and roared as one. Our teeth sparked.
We tasted foil. We heard a great tearing of metal,
groaning and wrenching, the stars screaming
at each other. We saw the strings of the universe
clear and shimmering, draped in golden silk.

Prompt was to “Look back through your old writing notebooks and make a collage poem from discarded lines and free writes.” from Apples and Snakes. I adjusted some for tenses and added in a few connectives, but mostly this is from my notebook. Wish I knew what this was about or what the lines meant when I wrote them down.



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