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Do you remember the first time
you saw those mountains? How they
towered above you? Do you remember
your unbounded freedom, how paths
lay before you, infinite in choice,
how the sun spun above you and grass
regrew at your feet? How you would play
your strange instrument to bring forth
new light upon the surface of Hyrule?

Now, you have become an adult, changing
within seconds, your childhood abandoned.
You do not remember when you grew so tall,
when the clouds gathered, the sky darkened,
when these streets emptied of people only to
fill again with your slow nightmares.
Now the temple lies in ruins, havoc
has become sacred. You see simple cubes
behind all matter. The legend no longer
makes sense. If only you knew a song
to take you back to the simplicity
of childhood, those fairy-blessed days.



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