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This was written in a slow single waltz
before the next one

This morning I feel like a strange conversation
with the discomfort of my head
and the contact of your language is a way to make sure
This morning is the first time I’ve been maintaining the water
finally and the seed is going to go with your advice
This morning I have a refund for my part time job in London
and I have been told that the rhythm of your language is a better man than I

These days are the hardest things to get in the way

I have been sent over the page
for your time and consideration
I have been my phone with you today
but I’ll have another go
I have left the email this morning
and I become aware of my body
I am currently based in the world today
but I have been sent over to the horizon
I once again apologise for the inconvenience caused by
viruses but we must have been told that we deserve the
world to be able to deliver

You have been many years of limbo
and I have been sent over to you
You have been told that I will be a satisfying answer
You want to be liked and then
you will know what reality is
You are well aware that I am not going anywhere

These days have been told that I will be necessary for the wind
These mornings are ideal for the first time

You are a number of people who are infinite

This was a prompt from Bristol Tonic. I used my phone’s autocorrect to write the lines, which explains some of the odd phrasing.



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