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I’ve been avoiding the election cycle because its just so depressing. Lies after misinformation after racist dogwhistles after lies. It’s disheartening to see people support the Tories, who have messed everything up over the last ten years. At this point it feels more like Stockholm syndrome.

More than Brexit, I feel this election is a fight over whether we want to be selfish or not. Do we want to pay a very slight extra bit of tax to fund our public services and help those in need? Do we want to address the issue of climate change head on to help everyone else in the world? Or do we instead want to be selfish and only be concerned about our own problems?

Sadly, I look at the polls and see the public drifting more towards selfishness and away from empathy. A Tory majority is predicted, despite them only offering to finishing Brexit. There is hope in the younger generation. You just have to look at the climate protests to see the direct action they are taking and many of them will be voting for the first time. My fear is their votes will not be enough to sway the country away from the Tories.

Another five years of Conservative rule will destroy the NHS, reduce public spending to dangerous levels and be dangerous to anyone who is not a wealthy white man. It will create a meaner, more selfish society, one where we do not care about those in pain, those who are struggling or those who have nothing. A vote for the Conservatives is a vote for small-mindedness and cruelty.

So yeah, Im voting Labour. I hope you do to.



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