Photo taken by Sam Cavender @samsnapsalot
Photo taken by Sam Cavender

I'm a poet and short story writer based in Bristol, UK, whose work has been nominated for the Forward Prize and has appeared in Neon Magazine, Nine Muses Poetry and Marble Poetry. My first poetry chapbook, Our Voices in the Chaos, was published by Selcouth Station in October 2019. I self published a second tiny pamphlet in October 2020 called Refraction.

I have a number of other books available, including three that are free to download. Go here to browse and download. On this website, I maintain a blog about writing, art and politics as well as any other random topic. Often I scrawl over newspapers to create erasure poetry.

When not writing, I enjoy dancing badly at gigs, attempting to grow vegetables and taking photos. I understand a very, very small amount of what is going on in the world.

Here's what's going on with me now.

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Or you can contact me here. I'm available for readings, commissions or anything else.

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The Tides of Time

29 Sep 2021

erasure poem: the future is adrift/ with its shimmering waves/ and washed-out dancefloors/the enticing swarming voices

Taken from Crack Magazine review of Joy Orbison, September 2021.


21 Sep 2021

I draw a square, to represent a former tobacco warehouse,
converted by the council into offices, where I worked
for a charity. On my desk, a spider plant strained
towards the distant, narrow window. In pencil I sketch
two parallel lines to scale to show the road I would walk
every day, listening to podcasts I now can’t remember,
past the tower blocks being torn down to make way for unaffordable flats,
past all the independent boutiques selling so many
house plants and minimalist vases that used to be trendy
to the flat I lived in for three years. I huddle together rectangles
to show a house in Bedminster, wedged in-between Poundland,
the cash for gold shops and refurbished pubs that served
craft beer for six pounds a pint. I cannot show how
we grew our lives around the skylights, listened to the same
three karaoke songs drifting in from The Tap and Barrel
four doors down and huddled around a scratched
second hand IKEA table when it came time to work from home.


02 Sep 2021

erasure poem: the land completes its evolution/shimmers and sways/outside of space and time/ the logical endpoint/so we party

Taken from Crack Magazine, July 2021.

I have a poem up on the wonderful Ink, Sweat and Tears! Thanks so much to them for featuring it. It’s called Ceasefire and is a little more grim than usual. Find it here

I’m glad things are opening up again. I performed at a real life open mic last week and it was glorious. The downside of actually being around people is that I caught a cold for the first time in about two years. I’m just glad it wasn’t Covid.

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