Me with a beard in front of loads of logs

I'm a poet and short story writer based in Bristol, UK, whose work has been nominated for the Forward Prize and has appeared in Neon Magazine, Nine Muses Poetry and Marble Poetry. My first poetry chapbook, Our Voices in the Chaos, was published by Selcouth Station in October 2019. I self published a second tiny pamphlet in October 2020 called Refraction.

I have a number of other books available, including three that are free to download. Go here to browse and download. On this website, I maintain a blog about writing, art and politics as well as any other random topic. Often I scrawl over newspapers to create erasure poetry.

When not writing, I enjoy dancing badly at gigs, attempting to grow vegetables and taking photos. I understand a very, very small amount of what is going on in the world.

Here's what's going on with me now.

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Or you can contact me here. I'm available for readings, commissions or anything else.

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Recent Posts

Accumulated Weight

11 Jan 2022

erasure poem: at the start of a new year/ you carry remnants/of endless mystery

Taken from Crack Magazine January 2022.

Books of 2021

06 Jan 2022

Last year I got through 65 books. (I’ve kept a list here) Because I’m not really using GoodReads anymore, I thought I would curate a few of my highlights:

2021 in Review: Who knows anything anymore?

31 Dec 2021

Yet again, I sit down to summarize the year gone by and yet again I find myself struggling for words. It has been another year of chaos and contradiction, of pandemic and freedom, of confusion and connection. As I write, I am ill with COVID 19, somewhat inevitably being hit by omicron. Of course, I am lucky enough to be vaccinated, so I have avoided the worst of it. I started the year in lockdown and end it in isolation. Inbetween have been moments of connection and moments of joy.