David Ralph Lewis

Poet and Author

Photo taken by Sam Cavender @samsnapsalot
Photo taken by Sam Cavender

I'm a poet and short story writer based in Bristol, UK, whose work has been nominated for the Forward Prize and has appeared in Neon Magazine, Nine Muses Poetry and Marble Poetry. My first poetry chapbook, Our Voices in the Chaos, was published by Selcouth Station in October 2019. I self published a second tiny pamphlet in October 2020 called Refraction.

I have a number of other books available, including three that are free to download. Go here to browse and download. On this website, I maintain a blog about writing, art and politics as well as any other random topic. Often I scrawl over newspapers to create erasure poetry.

When not writing, I enjoy dancing badly at gigs, attempting to grow vegetables and taking photos. I understand a very, very small amount of what is going on in the world.

You can follow me on: Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Or you can contact me here. I'm available for readings, commissions or anything else.

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Recent Posts

Dream Days

12 May 2021

erasure poem: trapped in fantasy. Days passed, rumbling in fragments

Taken from an old New Yorker.


Do we get political now?

07 May 2021

you ask me, sitting on the smashed roof tiles
and concrete slabs that used to be our home.
We are drinking rainwater and petrol
from a puddle, drying our t-shirts
on the newly exposed wire foundations.
We watch the sky flash orange and violet,
feel the rumbles deep inside our ribcages.

‘No’, I reply, ‘we shouldn’t get involved.
Besides, we’ve got too much cleaning up to do.’
as I gesture at all the debris
and try to disregard the endless rise
and fall of the sirens
getting closer

Written very quickly in the half time of Bristol Tonic. Prompt was the title. Thanks as always to them.

I’m uploading a few videos to YouTube. Here’s me reading my poem ‘Missed Connection’




30 Apr 2021

This was written in an Apples and Snakes Red Sky Sessions. It started as a response to a poem by Hannah Silva. We then composed by voice, speaking into our phones. I got stuck on the found text aspect of Hannah’s work and ended up repeating loads of politician’s phrases. We then turned it into a poem, so I went to the other extreme and turned it into this.

The Red Sky sessions have been so valuable, so in depth and fantastic to spark off ideas. I have a lot of new directions to go in. Thanks so much to Apples and Snakes for running them.