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One fine, excessively pleasant morning
where Cirrius Unicus clouds were perfectly
placed over an azure sky, the colour of course,

[I’m lost and frightened]

caused by Rayleigh scattering in the upper atmosphere
first proposed by Lord Rayleigh in the year 1871
AD, and which is similar but not the same as
the Tyndall effect, discovered by John Tyndall

[like a child without it’s parent]

in 1860 AD, who used a tube of gases to simulate
the sky and discovered the wavelengths scattering

[trapped in a dark forest]

and it was under this magnificent edifice I decided to perambulate around the perimeter
of my humble estate, using my feet for locomotion
much in the style of the flanneurs of old

[utterly alone and abandoned]

to better retain a sense of space and time
a psychogeography if you will, of the family abode,
each place sparking reminiscences of my childhood

[A nightmare I can’t wake from]

that meant I was so lost in reverie I found it
extremely taxing to remain in the present moment,

[Let me out.]

my consciousness spinning to half remembered stories…



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