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November rattled by. I thought I was going to read more due to the dark days and frost but actually I went to a lot of gigs and generally enjoyed myself. And here in Bristol, the frost only started in December. Here's what I did read and consume.


TV Shows


Saw three gigs last month and all of them were great in different ways. There's something brilliant about being in a dark room singing along with strangers. Anais Mitchell was quiet, powerful and folky, in a small ish venue and a full band setup. Her voice is unique, plus she played songs from Hades Town (one of my favourite albums.)

Next up was The Mountain Goats, which were in the beautiful Albert Hall in Manchester. Their set was polished and slick, with some deep dives into their 20 year catalogue. I got into them around about hte time they toured last, so it was really good to finally see them live. They didn't disappoint.

Up last was Martha, a loud indie punk group with excellent sing along choruses. We saw them at The Excange, a brilliant community ran venue in Bristol. Each song was only a couple of minutes so they rattled through them, but their set was tight and brilliant. Well worth seeking out.

That's it for now. I'm going to do less as the year winds up, slow down and chill more. I might carry this on in the new year, we will see. I'll likely do a separate post with my favourite media of the year as well.

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