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The sky and each moment expands
as I observe it. I've forgotten the season
but the single layer of skin on my fingers
remembers. I am an uncertain brittle being,
standing under the galaxy, watching your sighs
form the briefest of clouds. A distant owl calls.
I'm not prey, not tonight.

I am breathing in supernova, holding your hand,
the slightest sensation separating us.
We look north where no city sleeps-
spectres dance on the horizon.

I had almost fallen to the lure of routine,
let another day drift into faded obsolescence.
How easily the frail shell can fail. Soon, knives
wielded by caring hands will slice into my stomach
and I will thank them. A series of chances,
circumstance and confusion has led me here
like every crumbling second.

Oh magnetosphere, fragile membrane protecting
us from the void's radioactive onslaught.
Dreams, untethered, pulse and flicker over the stars.
My skeleton vibrates in time with the Aurora.

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