The news was cancelled today

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because there was no danger or threat,
no unwanted developments. There were no murders
because we melted down our knives and guns
to build homes, schools and hospitals for everyone.
War is now an archaic word, like famine
or suffering. Climate change was solved years ago
and every person has enough to eat and drink,
has all the resources and support they need
to thrive. Governments erased borders. Money was always fictional, but now everyone
acknowledges it. Of course, people still die,
but it is never unexpected and always
surrounded by those they love. We know every human regardless of race, gender, religion
or anything other difference, is a bright candle
that needs to be cradled and we need everyone
combined together to light up the dark.

So the news anchors stood up from their desks,
wiped off their makeup
disconnected their ear pieces
and wandered out of the studio
into the peace of the forest.
Under an emerald canopy
they kicked off
their sensible shoes
and felt soil and soft moss
between their toes
as dappled light danced
for joy over their skin.

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